Three gay men all identify as the father

The redefinition of marriage in recent years has paved the way for many interpretations that challenge the concept of family and identity.

From the age-old, time-honoured definition of one man and one woman, we are now left to navigate a de-gendered society that also includes ‘throuples.’

A ‘throuple’ in the US who created legal history in 2017 after all three dads were named on their child’s birth certificate has opened up on the triumphs and challenges of their unique family.

Doctor Ian Jenkins and his partners Alan Mayfield and Jeremy Allen Hodges, from San Diego paved the way for polyamorous families when a judge signed off on all of them being recognised on daughter Piper’s birth certificate.

Along with Piper, now three, the trio also have a son, 14-month-old Parker. The children are half-siblings, born using an egg donor and surrogate.

Until recently a birth certificate has been a factual document identifying the biological parents. It was a historical record of birth that allows a child to understand their biological reality and history.

The 2017 decision is only being made public now as one of the gay men intends to release a book to profit from their experience.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said this court’s decision is wrought with dangers.

“It is not scientifically possible to have three fathers. The judgement is based on ideology, not reality. This is a re-writing of historical facts to appease the feelings of three men. It is a clear and obnoxious denial of science. All children deserve to have a written record of their birth that identifies the biological mother and father.”