This Victorian girl’s school is erasing girls

Some single-sex schools are taking extreme steps to avoid stating the fact they are single sex. The Mt Eliza Toorak College is the latest to fall into the trap of appeasing gender ideologues. The all-girls school will no longer refer to their students as girls.

Two senior students have reportedly claimed they are no longer girls and so the school has capitulated by bowing down on the altar of gender ideology.

Principal Kristy Kendall said the moves to support non-binary students were part of the school’s priority to ensure all students felt represented on campus.

“We’ve taken huge leaps and bounds at the school with the inclusion of pants and shorts with our school uniform,” she said.

“It was very hard for me to look out at the students and say, ‘do whatever you want in the world, but please do it in a skirt’.

“I’ve got students who do not like to be referred to as girls. If someone doesn’t want to be referred to as a girl, then I will refer to them in the way they are most comfortable with.

“There are people within communities that don’t identify with that (female), and we need to think about our language in those contexts.”

Kendall has a foot in both camps saying she also wants the girls to have a sense of pride rooted in feminism.

“We are still very much women fighting for a sense of equality and recognition. We’ve got a large percentage of students in our school who identify as girls and women, so it is a really delicate balance.”

The reality is girls have worn pants for decades, and they are simply girls who wear pants. To deny science in an educational facility by claiming those same girls are now something other than female is simply ridiculous. To celebrate those who reject reality while at the same time encourage girls to embrace feminism is confusing and hypocritical.

Can this elite girls’ school principal even define the terms girls, women or female?

The move comes as The Wear It Purple guide to pronouns was sent to hundreds of Victorian schools.

The guide is full of gender propaganda, rejecting biological reality and proper grammar in favour of a radical, political ideology.

The list of pronouns from the guide states:

She/Her: Pronounced as she

A pronoun often used by female-identifying people, sometimes also used by non-binary people

He/Him: Pronounced as he

A pronoun often used by male-identifying people, sometimes also used by non-binary people

For those not satisfied with reality the guide recommends terms such as They/Them, Xe/Xem, Ze/Hir, Ey/em, Hir/Hir, Fae/Faer, Hu/Hu.

Incredibly, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education said schools “are best placed to make decisions about celebrating and educating students on various awareness days that meet the needs of their students and school community”.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said schools should be concerned with education, not indoctrination.

“It is beyond comprehension that schools can make up ‘facts’ and ‘educate’ students according to a political ideology rather than according to science or English,” she said.

“There are only two sexes and to suggest otherwise reveals how beholden to ideology schools have become.

“For the Education Department to encourage schools to change facts to suit the feelings of students is dangerous and ridiculous.”