This US state prefers fantasy to reality

Local government authorities are increasingly moving into the realm of fantasy.

This US state is the latest to endorse re-writing historical facts for the sake of appeasing an ideology.

Illinois is updating its birth certificate system to be more affirming of transgender parents after a trans couple in Chicago welcomed their first child last month.

Myles and Precious Brady-Davis had their daughter, Zayn, in early December but learned the Illinois Department of Public Health’s current birth certificate system automatically lists the parent who gives birth as “Mother/Co-Parent.”

Because Myles Brady-Davis, who is transmasculine and uses they/them pronouns, carried and gave birth to Zayn, they would be misgendered as the mother on her birth certificate. Precious Brady-Davis is a transgender woman and the baby’s mother. The reality is only women can carry babies and give birth, making them the evidenced-based mother. The father, a biological male, provides the sperm.

Birth certificates have until recently been statements of fact enabling civil society to function. Using scientific reality as a basis for identifying individuals provides a consistent foundation.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, warned giving in to an agenda-driven ideology will create a myriad of problems.

“Governments that rewrite history and change biological facts are dangerous, they are doing their communities a disservice,” Smith said.

“Truth, facts, and evidence do not change. They are not fluid. Facts are essential for setting standards, creating laws and governing a civil society. The safety of citizens depends on this. When one ideology is given precedence, it will create untold issues in the future. Identity must be based on measurable facts, not ever-changing feelings.”