This Queensland High School rejects English, History and Science

Once upon time, when common sense and decency was prominent in society, words had meanings that everyone understood and used accordingly.

Today, words are being redefined, and schools are leading the charge to turn normal concepts upside down and inside out.

Forever, females have been known as ‘she/her’ while males have been ‘he/him’. But if activist educators have their way, they will change the meanings of words at will, while elevating facts over fiction.

An Australian high school is handing out 'pronoun badges' to their students so they can tell others whether to call them he, she, or they.

Redcliffe High School in Brisbane's northeast introduced the badges to promote inclusion among its transgender and non-binary students.

The pins - which were trialed last week by its LGBTIQ students - come in three different versions and are labelled either she/her, he/him or they/them.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said public schools should stick to education, not indoctrination.

“History and English are being compromised for the sake of appeasing a radical ideology. Science is being completely denied on the altar of the transgender agenda. No one has ever changed sex and no one has ever proven anything but male or female. Social engineering aimed at children must stop and tax-payer funded schools need to stick to the basics of education.”