This Labor policy indicates anyone can be a woman

The Australian Labor Party don’t understand biological science. Or perhaps they are simply science-deniers?

According to Labor’s National Platform, there are two groups of people: men and everyone else.

To clarify, “everyone else” may be real women or men who feel like women.

It seems Labor believes a person is defined by how they feel. Facts don’t matter.

By writing their policy in such a way that anyone who wants to be a woman can be, Labor diminishes womanhood.

You see, either you identify as a biological man or you are automatically placed in the ‘other’ category consisting of women… And every other gender identity.

For example, page 142 of Labor’s Women’s Health policy reads:

Labor will… Take account of the needs of lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex women, including the provision of culturally appropriate health services;

Under Labor, self-identification and political correctness will ensure everyone has access to services that were designed to protect, elevate and encourage women in civil society.

Transgender women are men. Chromosomes, DNA, reproductive organs, hormones, muscle mass, bone structure, heart-lung capacity, all clearly indicate whether a person is male or female.

Men and women who suffer gender dysphoria need compassion and medical care.

Adults are entitled to dress however they like. They can take medication and undergo surgery and change their name. That is their prerogative.

But extending legal female status to men devalues what it is to be a woman.

“Biological women would be very vulnerable under Labor’s policies. Health services, women’s shelters, sports and even prisons will potentially be forced to accept anyone who identifies as a woman,” said Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary.

“Labor policy will make it meaningless to be a woman. This party will regress all women have achieved over the past decades,” Smith warned.