This group have no idea what a girl is

The website is called Girls Who Code, but in reality, they mean anyone can code.

On a page inviting girls, and anyone who wants to impersonate one, to a summer immersion program, they completely minimise what it is to be female.


The signature Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program will be running virtually in 2021. The 2-week opportunity is available to rising sophomore, junior, and senior girls—trans and cis—and non-binary students. No prior computer science experience is required.”

They may be smart and tech savvy but biological, scientific reality is clearly not important to this group.

Neither is the English language or historical facts. No prior computer science experience is necessary, nor is a grasp of the English language or the meaning of words.

Girls who Code have reduced the meaning of the words “girls”, “women” and “sisterhood” to feelings instead of facts.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the trans trend is infiltrating every sphere, and girls are the losers.

“Every time some woke company decides to promote events or focus on ‘girls’ they include absolutely anyone who wants to appropriate what they think it is to be a girl. They are conning themselves if they think this is fair and reasonable.”

“Science is clear, girls and women are biological females. Only girls can be girls. Males who dress up, take medication or resort to surgery will never become girls or women. They will simply be males who pretend to be girls. And vice versa is also true. This course is not for girls, it is for anyone who wants to pretend they are one.”