This council lets you change your identity with just a phone call

Leeds City Council in the UK has implemented a controversial new policy allowing people to change their gender at will.

The Sun has reported, "Men in Leeds who identify as women can change their gender with just a phone call and need no medical or legal proof."

This also goes for women who want to identify as men.

"Residents will be able to log on to the city council's website or call customer services to inform officials of the change. This information will then be passed to all council departments to avoid people having to go through registering twice."

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman asked, “How is this safe? Surely it opens the door for identity fraud. A person could have official documentation in one gender and name and then another identity for council documents.”

“Biological sex is important for planning government services such as health care, education, public spaces and sports. The new policy to change gender at will puts vulnerable women and children at risk.”

Leeds City Council didn’t respond to The Sun’s request for comment.