This council is discriminating against males

A Victorian Council has been caught out discriminating against men. They want to only employ female or non-binary people to sweep the streets.

Darebin City Council, which encompasses suburbs in Melbourne’s north, is taking applications for the role from people who identify as non-male as in “female, non-binary, gender nonconforming”.

“Council’s workforce strategy is focused on achieving a diverse and inclusive organisation that reflects our community,” the job description said.

The term “male” is a scientific term used in everyday language that relates to biological reality. A male produces small gametes, has XY chromosomes, a male reproductive system with male genitalia and hormone production. It is impossible to “identify as non-male” because no-one can change the reality of their sex.

A person is either male or female.

The only way a male can get this job is if he appropriates womanhood by putting on a costume, be dependent on daily drug taking or having undergone surgical mutilation of healthy body parts to appear as the opposite sex. A male cannot be non-male. A female is non-male according to the evidence of her chromosomes and reproductive system.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it was almost laughable.

“Councils should not be engaging in virtue signalling at the rate-payers expense,” she said.

“Darebin City Council is demonstrating ignorance by denying science for the sake of promoting a political ideology.

“Stop discriminating against men and women based on their sex.”