This Catholic college enables teens to engage in trans activities

A student council in a US Catholic college have approved and funded free chest binders for any student who desires them.

The College Fix website picked up the story as reported on by student newspaper, The Chronicle. “A “good quality” binder can run $30, the newspaper reports, and making them free is important for students who are “not out” to their parents.”

Chest binders have been found to cause serious health issues, including breathing difficulties. The report also stated the students would not receive any counselling. They could be issued with a new binder each semester if desired.

Spokeswoman for Binary, Kirralie Smith, says this is very concerning. “This Catholic college has a duty of care to its students. Allowing this ideological action puts the health and safety of some teens and young adults at risk.” Smith added, “It is not appropriate for the school or student body to be involved in such activities. The welfare of these teens must be left to health care professionals and parents.”