The Scottish Government is being taken to court

Fair Play for Women (FPFW) is challenging the Scottish Government on the meaning of sex. The government is trying to allow people to self-identify their sex on the upcoming census, despite it being illegal to do so. They explained their action in a Twitter thread and linked article.

The Scottish guidance is unlawful. It says people may self-identify when answering the sex question in the census.

If you are transgender the answer you give can be different from what is on your birth certificate. You do not need a Gender Recognition Certificate.

The Scottish Government is ignoring the UK-wide 1920 Census Act and our win in the English High Court that sex CANNOT be self-identified.

Fair Play for Women tweeted, “Truth is they TRIED AND FAILED to amend the 2020 Census Order in Scotland.”

FPFW is taking the action in support of women’s sex-based rights.

Extreme gender ideology is deeply embedded within the Scottish Government. Winning this action will constrain the Scottish Ministers’ pursuit of their ideologically-driven agenda with no regard for Scottish women or long-standing UK laws.

There is a separate question specifically for transgender people to register their identity in the Census. There is absolutely no need to answer the question about sex with a gender identity too.

Director of FPFW Dr Nicola Willimans said,

There are huge differences between males and females in the UK, in critical areas such as crime statistics. That’s why accurate recording of sex matters. The High Court in England backed our position and we are confident that the Scottish court will see it the same way. 

The ONS wasted over a hundred thousand pounds of taxpayers' money in a desperate attempt to defend their unlawful position in court. It is beyond belief that the Scottish Government is now repeating this reckless act and forcing ordinary members of the public to go to court once again.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, commended the group.

“It is outrageous that everyday women must defend their sex-based reality in court against a government who ought to be protecting them,” she said.

“Politicians who aggressively push the trans ideological agenda must be put in their place.

“Sex is real, it is evidence based and it essential for informing accurate and effective public policy.”