The IOC deserve a gold medal for stupidity

Olympic transgender athletes are drug cheats has a whole section dedicated to transgender athletes.

Soppy, emotional stories about how people who can’t accept the reality of their biology strive to convert to something they are not.

Not one of the athletes has actually changed their sex – the best they have done is imitate or appropriate the opposite sex via drug-taking, and in a few cases, surgical mutilation of perfectly healthy body parts.

Not one of the athletes has been able to change their DNA – which has their sex chromosomes written on every single cell in their body.

Not one of the athletes have been able to change their reproductive system to function as the opposite sex. Not one of them can actually produce the gametes of the opposite sex – no human on earth ever has.

Some of the athletes have taken drugs to mimic characteristics of the opposite sex – but without the drugs they wouldn’t be able to maintain the charade.

There is not one mention on the official website for the Olympics about how biological women are severely impacted and disadvantaged by males appropriating womanhood to compete in female sporting categories. No disadvantaged female gets her story transformed into a slick video story.

There is not one mention of the reality of biological advantage males have over females in sport.

There is no acknowledgement of the unfair playing field they have created in almost every sport via their promotion of ‘inclusive’ policies – that rob women of their rightful place in women’s sport. And of course zero mention of the potential harm to females in contact sports.

We all know that women are not permitted to take drugs to increase their testosterone levels to that of the males who imitate being women. Yet men can take drugs to lower their natural production of testosterone to 10 nmoles per litre. That is twice the amount most females can produce naturally. How is that fair?

Males who participate as female have enjoyed all the biological advantages of puberty including greater blood volume, lung capacity, bone density, more fibres and muscle memory and all of the strength and speed advantages that come with it.

The International Olympic Committee have absolutely no problem with trans athletes taking drugs to appropriate a sex that is not their own.

Transgender athletes get the red carpet roll-out, slick videos produced of their stories and special concessions at every turn – while genuine women who have trained, sacrificed and authentically qualified for their place are not given a voice and are even threatened with de-platforming if they do! And they certainly are not permitted to take drugs to level the unfair playing field the IOC have created.

Once upon a time, the Olympics was about non-professional athletes coming together for vigorous competition. Now it is a social engineering project that endorses and encourages fantasy over fact.

Once upon a time, it was about uniting the nations in sport – now their divisive agenda harms women and removes any incentive for young girls to even pursue sport in the first place. They promote drug cheats and put women at risk.

Congratulations IOC – you deserve a gold medal for stupidity and for your incredible discrimination against females.