The Greens want you to fund trans procedures

Despite a growing number of people expressing transitioning regret, the Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt, has presented a petition to parliament urging for full Medicare coverage for those wanting procedures such as top surgery.

“[People] in need of gender-affirming surgery must pay a lot of money, up to$30,000, so they can finally have their outward appearance match how they truly feel on the inside,” the petition launched by Alyssa Kennedy-Whiting says.

Mr Bandt announced a plan to spend $15m a year to cover out-of-pocket expensesfor gender affirming medicine. His office did not reply when asked how much of this would go to under-18 patients.

It is Greens policy to allow “transgender young people” access to hormones without a court order.

The double mastectomy procedure has been branded as “top surgery” by activists whoemploy other euphemisms such as “gender affirmation” in an attempt to make their extremist behaviour palatable.

Very few studies have been conducted regarding the benefit of such procedures and has been met with sharp criticism.

Writing in the prestigious journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Melbourne Psychiatrist Alison Clayton argues that transgender mastectomy may with time be seen as “dangerous medicine” like discredited past practices such as psychiatric lobotomy, which won a Nobel prize in 1949.

Dr Clayton highlights a similar lack of solid evidence for the benefits of trans mastectomy. 

“It is surprising that clinicians and researchers claim chest surgery for youth (who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria) is an evidence-based intervention,” she writes. 

She says only a handful of low-quality, short-term studies support claims of mental Health benefits for trans mastectomy with teenagers, making this “an experimental treatment” in need of more rigorous, ethics-approved research. 

There are an estimated 10,000-plus GoFundMe top surgery accounts internationally.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the Greens policy is political activism not based on research.

“People suffering gender confusion deserve quality medical care based on thorough academic evidence-based studies, not politicians looking to score activism points,” she said.

“Asking tax-payers to fund such poorly researched procedures is unacceptable.”