‘The Genderbread Person’ hits the UK

The controversial “Genderbread Person” diagram is being ridiculed as “unscientific nonsense” in the UK as it is presented to some government departments.

The diagram attempts to illustrate gender identity, sexual attraction and biological sex as sitting on a spectrum of zero to 100.

The Genderbread Person was shown in a video call session for around 180 civil servants in February, seen by The Telegraph and organised between a:gender and the Civil Service Race Forum. The graphic has also been displayed in other major government departments in diversity meetings. 

It describes anatomical sex as “male-ness” or “female-ness”, a notion refuted by gender-critical academics who insist it is simply binary or could distort statistics. The graphic describes gender identity as “how you, in your head, experience and define your gender".

The revelation comes as public bodies have partnered with Global Butterflies, a little-known trans lobby group, which has also used the genderbread graphic in its guidance and urges employers to remove all gendered language from their policies.

The move has been branded as “aggressively ideological and unscientific nonsense” by

Bev Jackson, the director of the Stonewall breakaway charity LGB Alliance.

“These lobby groups claim to be diversity and equality experts, but often misrepresent equalities law to undermine women’s rights and those of LGB people. What’s particularly galling is they often claim to represent LGB people, when they are actually undermining our rights. 

“Our sexual orientation is protected in law yet these groups render sexual orientation meaningless by denying sex matters. The Government needs to stop funnelling taxpayers' money into these organisations. LGB Alliance calls for an urgent moratorium on all government spending on inclusivity training by outside organisations."

There is a push throughout all government departments in the UK to remove all references to gender while “employees are urged to voluntarily add pronouns to emails and social media to demonstrate “allyship”.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said the public service is no place for political activism.

“This extremist ideology is being treated as legitimate, despite the outright denial of scientific, evidence-based reality,” she said.

“Sexual orientation relies on biology while the transgender agenda rejects the notion of biological reality.

“Rolling these programs out through government departments is unnecessary and inappropriate.”