The emperor is naked!

The emperor is completely and utterly naked.

He is not wearing a shred of clothing, while those around him don’t want to be accused of being stupid they remain silent and go along with the farce.

The naked emperor parades down the street and it is only a plain speaking child who calls out the lunacy.

Who do you identify as in the story?

There are plenty of “emperors” parading around naked right now and yet the media, politicians and too many of the general public are too afraid to say it as it is. The emperor has no clothes on.

NZ Olympic weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard is a man. There is nothing female about him. He is an imposter. He has to take drugs to be ‘eligible’ to compete in the female category. He has 35 yrs of male development giving him a scientifically proven HUGE advantage over the other female competitors. The ‘emperor’ is completely and utterly naked, yet so many remain silent and let the charade go on.

The Liberal Party in Victoria is hosting and celebrating a trans speaker at their Knox Ranges Liberal Women event. Victorian Liberal leader Michael O’Brien is going to introduce the middle aged white male as a woman. Rochelle Pattison, the Managing Director at Chimaera Capital, lived most of his life as a man. In several YouTube videos he appeals to out-dated and rather offensive stereotypes to claim he is now a woman. Red lipstick, tight fitting lingerie and high heels don’t make a man a woman. Neither does drug taking every single day. It is just a man putting on a women’s costume and taking drugs.

Yet the Liberal Women in Victoria are going to go along to see the Emperor’s new clothes and won’t have the guts or integrity to call it what it is.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, and her cronies, are threatening to remove funding from a women’s legal service that helps disadvantaged and abused women. She is blatantly promoting an agenda that denies science and robs women of their sex-based rights. Many on Council are going along with the mantra ‘trans women are women’ despite it being a nonsensical statement. They would rather admire the emperor’s new clothes than reveal their stupidity.

So who are you in this story? The emperor, the attendants who go along with the farce, the crowd, too scared to speak plainly or the child who has no qualms about exposing the idiocy of the deception?