The contradictions of trans ideology

James Esses from TRANSparency has written an excellent post about the 10 Contradictions of Gender Ideology.

Time and again, aggressive activists demand tolerance, while displaying extreme intolerance.

They insult, swear, bully, intimidate and harass yet label us bigots or worse. It is up to us to call them out for their hypocrisy and say no.

Children’s lives and well being are at stake and it is necessary for us to engage, discuss, debate and analyse the agenda without fear of being silenced.

James has summarised the top ten contradictions perfectly, so perfectly that we’ve listed his 10 excellent points below because we think they need to be shared around.

  1. Don’t pathologise trans identity. However, you must offer treatment for gender dysphoria with medication and surgery.
  2. Only refer to people by language they want. However, it is fine for us to label you “cis”.
  3. The real self is fundamentally separate from the material body. However, transforming one’s body can be crucial for personal wholeness.
  4. Gender identity is a social construct. However, authentic identity may be attached to stereotypical male and female dispositions.
  5. People should be free to believe in what they want. However, you must see the world through our ideological lens.
  6. The trans community (1% of the population) must be listened to. However, the experiences of detransitioners (1% of trans community) should be ignored.
  7. Children should not be able to smoke, drink alcohol, vote or get a tattoo. However, they should be able to consent to potentially irreversible medication.
  8. You must understand us. However, you can never understand us because you haven’t had our lived experience.
  9. If the media report a crime and specify it was committed by a trans person, this is transphobia. However, reporting an accolade and failing to mention that the person is trans is erasure.
  10. Be kind. However, it’s okay for us to throw slurs at those we disagree with.

Nailed it, James!

Be sure to contact us and let us know if there is more you would add…