Teacher disciplined for refusing preferred pronouns

Teachers are facing an ever-increasing dilemma as they are forced to address students according to feelings instead of facts.

Business Insider has reported on a math teacher in Florida, Thomas Caggiano, who replied to an email request by a student to address them by their preferred pronouns.

"I will NOT refer to you with female pronouns," Caggiano wrote. "If this is not acceptable for you, change classes. I will call you by any reasonable name you like, but the pronouns are not a negotiable thing for me."

Images of the emails first surfaced on Facebook and then again on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the school district said, "In regards to this incident - It was unfortunate that it happened and is not consistent with our expectations. However, it has served as a teachable moment and allowed for constructive dialogue among our school community."

Part of that teaching will come in the form of additional required diversity training for the school's teachers.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said this leaves teachers in a very difficult position.

“Teachers are employed to educate children – not give in to their whims by denying facts and promoting an ideological agenda they fundamentally disagree with.”

“This is forced speech plain and simple.  Not only that, it completely undermines the trust and respect due to teachers.”