Tampax for boys!?!

What next?!?

There is a grotesque and dangerous “guide” for boys who identify as having a period circulating on the internet. Some are saying it is a hoax but Tampax is yet to address the graphic poster that carries their brand name along with instructions on how boys with their “period” can insert a tampax into their rectum.

This is neither safe nor sanitary.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman called on Tampax to reject the pamphlet.

“This is an extremely dangerous and unsanitary practice. Rectums are for expelling waste, not plugging up. Gender confused boys don’t need to be encouraged to stick things in their bodies to “feel” more like a girl. Real girls do not put tampons in their rectums.”

“A rectum is a rectum, not a female vagina. Boys do not have a vagina or a clitoris.”