Swedish hospital stops trans treatments on kids

A Swedish hospital has stopped prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors under the age of 16. The Karolinska Hospital in Sweden issued the new policy statement, effective from April 2021. Hormones will still be permissible for 1618-year-olds under very strict conditions. Approval will only be given in research settings where the review board is satisfied the minor understands the “significant risks and uncertainties of hormonal interventions. They will determine whether or not the teenager is mature enough, and able to provide true consent, as a result.

These experimental medical practices on children have begun to cause some concern in several other countries as well.

“Sweden’s new policy is consistent with Finland’s recently revised guidelines, which were changed to prioritize psychological interventions and support rather than medical interventions, particularly for youth with no childhood history of gender dysphoria (presently the most common presentation). Significant changes are also underway in the UK, following the High Court ruling that deemed hormonal interventions for minors experimental, and cautioned that minors are rarely able to provide truly informed consent for interventions with such profound life-long consequences. The NHS (National Health Service) has recently suspended the initiation of hormonal interventions to minors under 16. The ruling is currently under appeal, with a hearing scheduled for June 2021.”

Several states in the USA have also banned transitioning treatments for children. It comes amid the rising calls of concerned parents and health care professionals around the world. Australian Health Minister, Greg Hunt, refused to conduct a federal inquiry into the concerns but requested the states to do an audit. Westmead Hospital research team have also published a report raising concerns about the lack of holistic care for gender dysphoric children.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the news was welcomed.

“Children deserve protection from experimental treatments based on an ideology that is not underpinned by science. Children are not able to undergo other life altering activities based on feelings, nor should they be subject to radical interventions that cause irreversible harm. Studies show that children left to develop will outgrow their dysphoria.”