Sex & genders differences matter when it comes to health

In a new paper published about Alzheimer's disease (AD), questions are raised about the impact of sex and gender on research and outcomes.

“This research gets muddy, complicated, and political very fast: is this topic much ado about nothing?” The answer it seems is no, sex and gender differences must be considered when it comes to health.

“Despite all the arguments to discount and discourage the study of sex and gender differences in AD, there are many more reasons in favor of studying these differences. Both sex and gender affect the etiology, presentation, and treatment outcomes of many diseases. The most tangible example of the benefits and importance of considering sex differences comes from the field of cardiology.”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, notes, “Attempts to de-gender everything in our society can have many negative outcomes, especially in health. There are significant differences between males and females. These ought to be defined, studied and celebrated.”

The paper on AD highlights this fact, stating there is “extensive literature demonstrating sex differences in brain structure and function over the lifespan, from fetus to old age…….Even if the sex differences are subtle in normal conditions, they may become enhanced in the context of brain pathology.”