Seven News story is the ultimate in fake news

Seven News has thrown its weight behind transgender propaganda. Denying science, they have reported on a female falling pregnant, giving birth and raising her child as a man and ‘dad’. They even go so far as to state the child’s mother does not exist!

Running around after his two-year-old son Gray, single dad Alex is sadly accustomed to judgemental looks by strangers.

It’s not because Gray’s mother isn’t in the picture – in fact, she doesn’t exist – the curiosity stems from Alex being a proud transgender gay father.

But Alex doesn’t waste time worrying about disapproval, the UK dad is simply overjoyed to have given birth to a happy and healthy son.

Alex expresses joy at giving birth and praises hospital staff who did not “misgender” her.

“They called me dad from the start,” he says, adding that they were supportive of him being a “pregnant man” from day one.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the aggressive ideological agenda is disturbing.

“Extremists are not even trying to hide the fact they are denying science in favour of promoting a political ideology,” she said.

“Only females can fall pregnant, grow a baby in a womb and give birth. This attempted erasure of the sanctity of motherhood is offensive and dangerous.

“Seven News has made a choice with this report to present lies and feelings as facts. They have chosen to ignore reality, reject the truth and misappropriate words to suit their narrative. This is a clear example of fake news.”