Sesame Street under attack in the Gender Wars!

Rita Panahi, Herald Sun columnist wrote an article about the latest encroachment of the gender wars. It seems radical gender activists lost their minds when it was confirmed much-loved puppets Bert and Ernie are not gay.

She wrote, “The latest trouble started, as it often does, on Twitter, where Bert’s creator, the famous puppeteer, director and actor Frank Oz, posted: “It seems Mark Saltzman (a former Sesame Street writer) was asked if Bert & Ernie are gay. It’s fine that he feels they are. They’re not, of course. But why that question? Does it really matter? Why the need to define people as only gay? There’s much more to a human being than just straightness or gayness.”

As activists tried to rekindled their campaign to co-opt Bert and Ernie into the debate, twitter descended into an all out war of words. Accusations of homophobia and hating gays were thrown around in response to the fact Bert and Ernie are not gay.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman commented, “We should just let kids be kids.

There is no reason why everything - even a child’s TV show needs to be about sex. Puppets are puppets, not people. There is no reason to sexualize a puppet aimed at entertaining pre-school aged kids.”