Secret transgender services for children

A bill to block parents from knowing if their child accesses abortion or transgender services has been put forward by Planned Parenthood in California.

SB 1004, sponsored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, would revise “California’s existing patient protections to ensure that information about any sensitive services, as defined, is not sent to a third party or a policyholder not authorized to receive it.”

The bill expands the definition of “sensitive services” to include “services related to mental health, reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse disorders, transgender health including gender-affirming care, and intimate partner violence.”

The bill won’t be considered until May but it is already being met with strong opposition.

The California Family Council said the bill “undermines the rights of parents to oversee the medical decisions of their own children” and pointed out that the bill does not specify the precise medical procedures that it would keep confidential from parents.

Currently some of these procedures require parental consent. Pacific Justice Institute Senior Attorney Kevin Snider is hoping to change that by appealing to a 1997 ruling that stated, “minors have informational and autonomy privacy in terms of intimate personal decisions, which trumps the rights of parents.”

In Australia minors aged 14+ can access Medicare services without parental knowledge or consent. While some services do still require parental authority, activists are working to reduce the influence of parents, especially regarding sexuality.

“Parents and citizens must stay informed and alert during this global pandemic. Radical gender activists will not relent. Their agenda is to reduce and even remove parental authority and consent when it comes to sexual issues,” warned Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman.

“Children deserve the protection, care and authority of their parents. They don’t belong to the state, they are entrusted to families because that is the best way to guide, support and raise healthy children into adulthood.”