Scottish politicians agree to allow debate regarding radical gender ideology

After a feminist speaker at a university was attacked for daring to highlight problems with gender fluid ideology, Scottish politicians have supported a motion for biological women to be able to debate women's rights without fear of backlash.

The Scotsman reported, “MSPs from all parties in the Scottish Parliament… backed a motion… supporting the right of universities to host ‘controversial discussions’ on campus.”

But not everyone is happy with the commitment to defend women’s rights.  

“The 12 members of the Pride Network committee later resigned accusing the University of ‘failing to take a stand against transphobic hate on campus’ as it claimed the meeting included speakers who had previously been critical of proposed reforms to transgender rights.”

Feminists and MSP’s deny the issue is about transphobia.

“Many women's organisations believe that changing the law in this regard would end women's right to have single-sex spaces, such as toilets, changing rooms and domestic abuse refuges.”

The Scottish Government's consultation on changing laws to accommodate transgenders closed last year and it is yet to announce any new legislation.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, applauded the Scottish Government’s passed motion.

“Defending biology is a crucial aspect of the transgender debate. Women’s rights cannot be ignored.”

“Insults and baseless accusations of transphobia do not add anything to the debate. Women’s safety must be paramount. Critical analysis must be applied when considering amending laws to please radical gender activists,” Smith said.