Santa Troll

Left gets triggered and hurls insults.

I had to laugh this morning. Some bored troll decided to have a crack at a creepy sledge by doing a terrible hack job on a photo.

I clearly have free rent in this blokes head as he took the time to try and paste my face onto a child’s body who is being held by a bloke.

The troll attempted to paste my hubby’s head on it with a disturbing trans Santa in the background.

I assume it is in response to a blog post about a trans Santa taking photos with children in Sydney.

In the blog called Corrupting Christmas in Sydney I said, “Drag Queens have a place, as adult entertainment for a niche 18+ audience. Until recently they have only performed in bars and clubs restricted to adults only. Yet now they are increasingly targeting the realm of children. Storytime in libraries and Santa are for kids. Drag Queens are men who dress up, mocking women by perpetuating harmful stereotypes. One has to ask, why indoctrinate kids into such a hyper-sexualised adult concept.”

This troll doesn’t bother to answer the question, I guess he can’t really. All the trolls are capable of are insults, bullying, and harassment in my experience. He can’t answer why it is ok for men to dress up and mock women. He can’t reasonably defend sexualising children so I guess really pathetic attempts to insult me is all they have left.

Go for it buddy, all you manage to achieve is to prove that I am right and you have nothing but sleazy, creepy insults to fall back on. Thank you so much for your contribution, it is enormously helpful!