Rules of Appropriation

If cultural appropriation is offensive, sex and gender appropriation is even more so! 

Imagine how offensive it would be to suggest that if you paint your skin a darker shade, you could identify as Aboriginal or Asian or African-American.

But why not? I mean if you're a bloke and you paint your face with makeup

You can be a woman, right?

How offensive is it to suggest that if you wear a kimono you can identify as Japanese.

But, it's okay for a black to don a dress and say he identifies as a woman, isn't it?

Have you seen the outrage when a white person wears a Native American war bonnet.

It is labelled a mockery.

But if a man has long hair, wears high heels, and says it makes him feel like a woman

Then we all must sit down, shut up, and accept it.

There is a big hoo-ha when sporting teams adopt Native American tribal names.

But it's more than okay for a woman to adopt a bloke's name and pronouns.

And look out if you mis-gender them, because the woke brigade

Will go down hard on anyone who doesn't comply.

And apparently it's highly offensive to appropriate tribal or religious tattoos,

But we all have to get on board when a woman grows a beard and insists she's a pregnant man.

Can you see the pattern here?

Cultural appropriation must be condemned at all costs, But sex and gender appropriation must be celebrated or you will be penalised.

The cognitive dissonance of the woke brigade is incredible.

What you call yourself, what you wear, the medication you take, even the surgery you have, doesn't change the biological reality of male or female.

Saying you're Asian doesn't make it so.

Being 50 but feeling like you're 20 doesn't change biological facts.

Growing a beard does not make you a bloke.

Having breasts does not make you a woman.

Biological sex is important.

It trumps feelings and ideologies.

It is measurable and it is determined by Universal facts

Including DNA, reproductive potential, and hormones.

If cultural appropriation is offensive, then sex and gender appropriation is even more so.