Radical Gender Activists granted $1 million to go into Australian Schools

Facebook and Instagram have granted “Project Rockit” $1 million to take their message into schools. The so-called “anti-bullying” project is run by a self-proclaimed nonbinary drag activist.

The Daily Mail pointed out that a social media post made in July, “was posted with the message Project Rockit was: 'advocating for the dismantling of white/cis/hetero/patriarchal supremacy and normativity'.

The $1 million investment is meant to assist up to 10,000 students tackle online bullying.

“Online bullying is real and very concerning,” stated Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith. “Project Rockit however is more about radical gender activism. They are driven by a political ideology that has no place in our schools.” Smith added, “Parents need to be aware of the attempted indoctrination of our kids under the false premise of anti-bullying programs.”