Queer Body Shop Campaign

The Body Shop have rolled out a campaign about “self-love”. Of the featured people, half appear to have drastically changed who they naturally are. A trans activist and a couple of non-binary champions have done anything but embrace who they naturally are according to science and history.

The website says:

“At the Body Shop, we believe that self-love is our superpower that lifts us up to fight for change together.

“That’s why we want to give a platform to the emerging global collective of fearless people who have been on the journey to self-love and feel empowered to step up, speak out, challenge what is broken and fight for a fairer and more beautiful world.”

It all sounds sweet and magical, but they fail to see the irony. They are promoting drastic changes to themselves in order to accept and love themselves.

The irony goes deeper as it is evident that superficial appearances are reinforced by rigid and out-dated gender stereotypes.

Make-up, the colour pink, and fluffy chiffon dresses seem to reinforce a feminine stereotype that most of us have moved beyond.

Once upon a time the Body Shop focused on all-natural vegetarian ingredients. Now it is moving into the realm of social engineering and virtue signalling.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it is insulting.

“The message used to be love the natural and love yourself. Yet this campaign is at stark odds with that message. Now it is change yourself to accept yourself by reinforcing out-dated stereotypes. Bearded men certainly have a right to wear loud make-up and pink, fluffy dresses, but don’t insult us by claiming that is natural and self-love. It is a denial of science and biological reality.”