Pride Week is not for kids

Is your child’s school ‘celebrating’ pride week?

Are you aware of scheduled activities and ‘celebrations’ in the promotion of a radical political ideology?

Will your child be penalised if they don’t attend or refuse to participate in activities that focus on sexualised content?

A concerned parent sent Binary this screenshot sent from their child’s Christian school, Highview College in Victoria.

Binary asked the school why they are celebrating this event, despite it being contrary to Biblical teaching. The response was “that is today’s world” and “the law says we must be inclusive.”

Their website claims, “Highview College is a Christian Ecumenical College. Firstly this means, the Christian message is at the heart of the learning, values and principles we espouse and, secondly, that we promote Christian Unity and respect throughout our School.”

How does celebrating sexual orientations and sexual identities line up with Biblical teaching?

How is promoting any kind of sexualised content that has become politically charged appropriate for minors?

It is divisive to pit scripture observing students and families against activists in a school where sexualised content is being celebrated.

It is divisive in any school to encourage students to celebrate adult sexualised concepts.

Will children who refuse to participate feel ostracised by the ‘woke/progressive’ staff and students?

If students come out of uniform but refuse to fund the promotion of a radical political agenda will they be penalised?

Let us know if your school is promoting this divisive agenda by emailing [email protected]