Parliamentary Submission


Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020

Inquiry Submission

28th February 2021



Binary Australia as an organisation is concerned with the role that gender plays in our society. We affirm the fact that sex and gender is binary.

Male and Female.

Our organisation aims to promote and celebrate the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women. We uphold the biological assertion that there are two complementary genders.

Binary exists to challenge the aggressive agenda to de-gender our society in the areas of education, health, military, business, politics and the law.








Science, history and even the English language are all being compromised in the education sector of NSW.

Science is being denied when it comes to the reality of biological sex. History is being actively rewritten and words in the English language are being redefined.

No one on earth has ever changed their sex. Not one. Not ever. Sex refers to male or female. There is no third sex, or 76th sex as social media giants may have us believe.

Male and female are defined by biological science. Chromosomes, reproductive systems, gamete size and hormone production are some of the scientific markers that are evidenced by sex.

The aggressive push of gender activism in the education sector has led to confusion and compromise.

Gender as a ‘social construct’ is not definable, measurable, consistent or evidence-based.

The term gender has become synonymous with feelings, emotions, and personality traits. These concepts have been reinforced by rigid stereotypes and superficial appearances.

There is no consistency when it comes to the term gender identity. Some say there are more than two genders. Some say there are 72+. Some social media websites suggest there are more than 100, while others say the number is infinite.

The term gender has been hijacked by activists who cannot define its meaning. They appeal to rigid stereotypes such as what a person likes to wear, make-up, fake breasts, artificial drugs to stop or promote the body’s natural hormone production, or even worse – the mutilation of perfectly healthy body parts to try and relieve an individual’s dysphoria about their own body.

The descriptions of gender are stereotypical, anecdotal, feelings-based and superficial. They rely on imitation, impersonation and appropriation.

Current descriptions of gender do not have any scientific basis, nor can they be proven with medical tests.

It is our assertion that political ideologies should not be promoted in the classroom as fact.

Schools should be places of education, not indoctrination.

Critical thinking, analysis of data, considering the facts and observing the evidence must dictate the outcomes for students in education – not how they feel or want reality to be. At present, the trend is to present gender theory as fact, when it is far from being so.

Since the dawn of time sex and gender have been inextricably linked, with the terms almost interchangeable. Now however, activists have hijacked the term gender and twisted it to mean something it never was.

Sex is biological and it can be easily defined. It is evidenced by large or small gametes, chromosomes, the reproductive system and natural hormone production.

There are many variations within biological sex, however it is measurable, consistent and evidence-based.

Males are determined by:

small gametes

sperm production

the presence of xy chromosomes in every cell, including brain cells

a male reproductive system usually including a penis, testes and a prostate

the production of testosterone within the naturally occurring range of 240-950 ng/dl for mature males

Males are generally known as human boys or adult men.

Females are determined by:

large gametes

Production of eggs

The presence of xx chromosomes in every cell, including brain cells

A female reproductive system usually including breasts, vagina, cervix and uterus

The production of testosterone within the naturally occurring range of 8-60 ng/dl in adult females and the natural production of estrogen

Females are generally known as human girls or adult women.

These terms are evidence-based, consistent, measurable and definable. While feelings may be fluid, gender or sex is not.

Science must be the basis of teaching students in NSW schools. Ideological viewpoints cannot be taught as fact. Gender ideology is simply a theory, yet it is being presented as reality in the NSW education sector.

No one on earth has ever changed their sex. It is an incorrect assertion to say that people can have a ‘sex-change’ or that trans women are women or trans men are men.

It is simply not true. No one can change their chromosomes, their gamete size, their reproductive system or natural hormone production. Superficial changes can be made with invasive and artificial practices such as a daily drug regime or drastic surgery. This still will never address the reality of the person’s sex – it cannot change.

To suggest to students via programs, redefining language, policing pronouns or other resources is irresponsible, incorrect and harmful.



The books read by children, the language employed by teachers and the programmed lessons must reflect reality.

The terms boy/girl, man/woman, male/female must be consistent and evidence-based.

There is no third or ‘other’ gender. It is incorrect to allow students to believe otherwise.

Birth certificates are historical documents that point to the scientific reality and historical facts of one’s birth. Age is determined by historical fact, so is sex. Official identity documents must reflect the facts, not feelings or personality traits.

Words matter, as any English teacher should be able to affirm. To redefine words according to feelings is infantile and a tool of fiction.

Definitions matter. Encouragement to employ gender fluid pronouns is disingenuous and not conducive to education. It is paramount to indoctrination. This should never be acceptable in our learning institutions. The terms boy/girl, man/woman must be clearly defined according to a measurable, evidence-based system, that is, science.

Books such as “The Boy in a Dress” by David Williams promote cross-dressing. To children. This is not education, it is indoctrination.

“Who are you? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity” by Brook Pessin-Whedbee suggests children can change their gender via superficial ways, as often as they like. This is imaginative play, not a gender identity issue. Children pretend to be the opposite sex, unicorns, puppy dogs and astronauts, all in the same day sometimes!

Teaching them, in schools, that if they like to pretend to be the opposite sex then they must be, is absurd and dangerous.

Hosting days to celebrate and highlight sexual orientations and identities to children is beyond comprehension. Often billed as ‘voluntary’ these days promote bigotry and alienation as children are forced to take sides on issues that concern adults, not children. Peer pressure is utilised as children are forced to wear purple, rainbow clothing or pronoun labels that do not accurately reflect reality. Sexualising children is not acceptable – especially by the NSW Education Department!

Programs such as Safe Schools are officially banned yet there is plenty of evidence to prove that aspects of such programs are still being utilised in NSW schools.



Every week Binary receives emails such as the ones below. Please note they have been copied and pasted so some spelling and grammatical errors remain.

Hi Kirralie

I just had to remove my son from his preschool due to them pushing gender transitioning, and gender fluidity and homosexuality on him at age 3 years old. They knew I was Christian and I was promised from the director it wouldn’t happen and yet she did it: she admitted to violating my trust and rights and she doesn’t care!

I called the head office: the a manager of education and curriculum for the preschool stated “we are obligated by the education department to not exclude any child from our diversity teaching (this means gender fluidity and transition and homosexuality teaching). To exclude your child is against the policy and it is regardless of your values!”  

Apparently final word is “all preschools (not private Christian) are audited by the education department and checked to make sure they teach it ALL!”  I was then told to go find a more appropriate Christian preschool of this doesn’t suit me as they can not facilitate my values.

I may no longer be able to work in this pandemic due to the education departments gender violations of my rights.

If I can help you to put a stop to this...I am wanting to help you in any way I can. If you are interested in knowing my full story of what happened this week I am happy to help with my story and my name with the story to be used by you.

Please if you can help. It would be amazing.

Kind Regards,


Another one:


If I can share more frankly why this upset me so. My niece is going through hormone replacement. She is 12, they are telling her she would be so much happier as a boy.

Just talk to my mum her grandmother and mum said I did not really talk to her as I did not want to offend her by calling her the wrong name. Mum said she has asked people to starting calling her by a boys name.

I can’t even understand how this works in the change rooms at school. Would the school have her change in a separate room as to get teased by boy or girls? How is this inclusion or help with self esteems.

I saw a report from the states saying a mass change of also 80% that made this kind of decision now in their 30? Are want to change back. I could have these facts wrong so I would need to re read the article.

Mum said as she is now she has no features of of man or female. As a girl she was a little not a lot musculine  than most young females but ,no more than her mother. To me it’s a insult to her mother by saying mum I don’t want to look like you. She has always had a rebellious spirit.


I have had many emails about ‘special’ days that must be celebrated in schools such as “Wear it purple” day or IDAHOBIT day.

A top performing, prestigious all girls private school ….invited … a guest speaker …a transgender Anglican priest, to address girls in Years 1 - 12 at the school’s assembly to mark IDAHOBIT Day.

The school neglected to obtain parental consent and have still to inform parents of the details of the explicit content of Rvd Inkpin’s address.

Parents were unaware that the school planned to recognise IDAHOBIT. As such, parents were not aware of the nature of the assembly or that such a controversial theologian would stand before their children. Parents remain oblivious to what took place.

Girls as young as 5 years old were subjected to a highly sexualised, highly controversial subject matter.

Content of the speech included:

- That there are many different types of gender, not just two categories of gender

- Sex and sexual desires of different natures

- Girls and boys genitalia

- Hormone blockers and pills

- Transgender issues

- How the speaker did not want to go through puberty

- How the speaker, when was a young child, wanted to play with girls toys and how that in hindsight, showed him that he had wanted to be a girl

- Sexual transition surgery

- Suicide and suicidal ideology and other mental health issues

- Asexuality

- How not accepting lgbt+ people can cause them to kill themselves

- Homophobia & Biphobia

- The speaker’s own details of his transition and how much happier he was now that he transitioned into a woman

- That God created lgbt+ people

- LGBT week

- LGBT rights

- etc.

Many if not most parents of the school remain unaware of the radicalisation of their children, as the school have yet to detail to the fee paying parents the exact content of the talk given at assembly.

The damage has been done.


Parents and caregivers are concerned about the content of books, lessons and the language used in our schools. They feel it is very difficult to gain access to information about what is happening in their child’s school and they feel their rights are being usurped. These three emails are representative of the many I receive every single week.

Binary conducted an extensive national poll that revealed almost 80% of people, across all political persuasions, indicated they want the right to remove their children from classes they deem inappropriate. (See attached report)



Radical gender ideology has infiltrated the education system. Terms and concepts have been reimagined by activists to change the meaning of words and scientific reality.

Parental rights are being undermined and the quality of education available to students is compromised by this ideological agenda.

Parents must be the primary source of information and education for the personal development of their own children.

Education must rely on evidence, proof and reality, not ideologies that promote aggressive political agendas.

Binary implores the NSW Government to clearly define the terms “man” and “woman” in law.

Currently the government upholds nonsensical statements such as “anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman.”

How can a person identify as something that is not defined?

Saying anyone who identifies as a man or woman is one, reduces the reality of sex to superficial appearances, fluid feelings and rigid stereotypes.

The definition of the terms “man” and “woman” must be clear, consistent and evidence-based.

Children must be taught the factual reality of sex and gender, making it clear that while feelings and personality traits are valid, they do not determine the reality or nature of sex and the distinctions between males and females.

Parental rights must also be enshrined in law. Parents, not the state, have primary care and responsibility of their own children. Parents must have full knowledge of what is being taught to their children, and the right to remove their child/ren from political indoctrination in the education system.

Parents must be assured that when they entrust their children to the NSW education system that they will be educated, not indoctrinated. Information must be consistent, reliable, measurable, standardised, evidence-based and historically sound.