Our condolences on the passing of Wilson Gavin

Dear Family and Friends of Wilson Gavin,

The team at Binary, along with many of our supporters, express our deepest sympathies on the passing of Wilson Gavin.

Our hearts ache for you during this time as we grieve alongside you a life lost far too young.

Despite not many of us knowing him, or knowing him well, it is clear he was a young man of conviction who put the interests of others first. He cared deeply about our nation, the monarchy, conservative politics, marriage, and the youth of Australia.

While some may not endorse his action to confront drag queens in the Brisbane library, everyone must agree that the tragic outcome was in no way acceptable.

The biased media pile on, the aggressive bullying by his opponents, his own political party’s disowning of him and the incessant flow of insults, harassment and threats exposes the weak and toxic nature of our current state of affairs.

Arguing or even attacking an ideology is one thing, aggressively pursuing a young man to his death is another thing all together.

Many opinions and comments will continue to be made in light of this awful and deeply sad event. In the midst of it all please know there are many of us who see beyond the media frenzy, the bias, and the bullying, to a young man who was moved by conviction to act on behalf of vulnerable youth in our nation.

Please accept our sincere sympathy at this difficult time.

Yours Sincerely,

Kirralie Smith

Binary Spokeswoman