Only women suffer ovarian cancer

The Ovarian Cancer Research Council has been smashed online for using a Drag Queen to promote an upcoming fundraising event.

The post featured a man in ‘womanface’ and stated,

“#Frocktober kicks off this Saturday October 1st! As the biggest (and most stylish) fundraiser for ovarian cancer research in Australia, Frocktober encourages anyone (and everyone) to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer research by frocking up and looking fabulous.

Life’s too short for women and girls diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In fact, it’s the most lethal cancer affecting women.”

That’s right, ovarian cancer only affects women, girls, females. No bloke, regardless of the amount of make-up he wears, will never suffer this dreadful disease.

The appalling appropriation of womanhood was labelled offensive and distasteful by many Facebook users.

It attracted a great deal of negative attention and ridicule. The page has now disabled comments and deleted 100 comments made criticising the organisation. The fact they left the post seems to suggest they are unapologetic and completely tone deaf.