NZ School sticks to biology

Bethlehem College, a Christian school in New Zealand, has come under the spotlight for its proposed policy concerning gender ideology. Of course activists are upset, but many social media users commended the school for its position.

The school will refer to students according to their biological reality and support them as they form their identity in God according to a leaked document.

The use of toilets, accommodation, uniforms and sporting teams will all be determined according to the biology of the student not their ideology. 

On biological sex and gender identity, it said: "Through the embryonic and foetal stages of development to maturity, each of the estimated 37 trillion cells in the body receives either XX or XY chromosomes which help programme the human body to be biologically male and female." 

It said "contemporary trends" were constantly changing and "need careful attention". 

"Some young people are experiencing significant confusion about their gender."

The document also expresses concern for the experimental medicalised pathways young people are being placed on.

"This raises a serious question that the administration of sex hormones in the case of gender-dysmorphic children has been carried out without adequate clinical trials and rigorous testing." 

It stated that there were "well-documented" cases of transgender adults "regretting the puberty-blocking treatment they were given as a teenager".

The college board of trustees chairman Paul Shakes said the school has compassion for those struggling with their identity. 

"Gender identity has been an intense recent focus in our society, and we've been wrestling with questions around how to provide the greatest level of care and protection possible for students experiencing these questions."

Shakes said it considered its beliefs and the "relevant research".

"We have to ask ourselves: Is it caring to affirm to children they're the opposite gender to their biological sex? Would this be providing the highest level of care and protection possible for our students?"

Many people commented on the story in support of the school’s proposed policy.

Peter Connolly wrote, “At last some semblance of sanity!”

Robin Dixon posted, “I’m not a Christian but I admire their courage to make a standing against liberal/ leftist ideology. This is a tough decision to make in today’s world and if you don’t agree with it you don’t send your children to that school.”

Deanna Bosenius commented, “Once again the pride community is making issues where there don’t need to be. It’s obvious the school isn’t against people who are questioning their sexuality, they are just making it clear what the beliefs of the school are. As a school with special character they are acting in the best interest of everyone involved with the school to be clear about what their position on this Is.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said more schools should follow suit.

“The greatest care and compassion we can offer young people is to accept the reality of who they are, without having to don a costume or go down a harmful medical pathway to appropriate an image of who they think they want to be,” she said.

“This school has taken steps to support and care for their students in ways that align with science and the Bible. They ought to be commended and other schools should do the same.”