NSW Northlakes High School denies biology

NSW state high school, Northlakes High School, has gone ‘woke’ with radical political activism on their toilet signage for children.

The school on the central coast located between Newcastle and Gosford, denies biology and defies grammar with the promotion of gender ideology to minors.

Students will move from their English or Biology classes to encounter She/They or He/They signs on entrance to the toilets.

Children will be taught the scientific facts that there is male or female according to biological sex in class. Hopefully they will be taught that males are determined by small gamete production (sperm), male genitalia, a male reproductive system, male hormone production and xy chromosomes. Females are observed according to the production of large gametes (eggs), female genitalia, a female reproductive system, female hormone production and xx chromosomes.

Straight from biology or science classes they will then encounter radical political activism that encourages them to deny what they know to be evidence-based science to entertain the personality expressions of people who cannot accept the reality of their own body.

Children as young as 12 are being asked to suspend belief and accept girls who appropriate boyhood or boys who appropriate girlhood.

Despite the fact no-one can ever change their sex, this NSW state high school is encouraging children to participate in a fact-denying exercise that threatens the privacy, safety and dignity of children when in their most vulnerable state of having to use the bathroom.

Criticism of the policy would lead some parents and students to fear being ostracised