NSW Greens try to erase women

An attempt by the Greens to erase women in NSW has failed. They tried to have the word “woman” deleted from new laws protecting unborn babies 23 times.

They wanted to insert “pregnant person” instead.

The attempted amendments were eventually shot down but feminists have raised concerns about an ongoing “war” against women by the left-wing political party, saying they were “destroying the rights of women”.

Greens MP Abigail Boyd, denied science by claiming, “there are people other than women who have the potential to have a foetus.”

Feminists and activists expressed disappointment toward the Greens.

Katherine Deves from Save Women’s Sport said, “We should not be erasing women for a very demanding and vocal extremist minority group that want to devalue the importance of biological sex in favour of a personal belief about gender identity.”

Rachael Wong from Women’s Forum Australia said it was an attempt “to obscure the immutable biological reality that only women can become pregnant and give birth.”

Anna Kerr from the Feminist Legal Clinic, is a member of the Greens but is reconsidering her support. She said the NSW Greens attitude toward women “damages more than just their credibility” and she doubts “the general membership is aware of the extent of harm being done by extreme trans ideology because all debate on this subject is actively suppressed.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the Greens need to make a choice.

“They either need to stand up and defend biological sex-based reality, or continue to push their extremist political ideology that ostracises women,” she said.

“They can’t do both. Women exist and have a unique set of lived circumstances due to their biological reality.

“They will continue to lose support if they insist on the erasure of women.”