New Supergirl character is a transgender played by a transgender actor.

A new TV show about Supergirl will feature a transgender actor, playing a transgender character.

Superhero style shows and movies have a wide audience,  including being specifically aimed at young people.

The University of Nevada Las Vegas recently reported that “On Oct. 14, The CW will debut "Supergirl" character Dreamer, also known as Nia Nal, on the show's fourth season. What's more, the character will be portrayed by actress Nicole Maines, who is transgender herself.”

The original Supergirl character is a biological female. Now a biological male who identifies as female is playing the character which is also trans.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, commented, “This is another attempt to indoctrinate kids and normalize a dysphoria. Why not keep traditional characters as they were originally intended?” Smith believes, “The wider audience are not demanding such characters, this is the imposition of radical activists.”