More than 70 students at one school are confused about their biological sex.

Last week it was a school in the UK with 17 transgender students many of whom are autistic. This week the Daily Mail has reported that there are 40 transgender kids at the same school. An additional 36 students identify as gender fluid.

“Headteacher Richard Bradford has revealed that the figures were found in a council survey and they are the highest at any school in the country,” reports the Daily Mail. Another teacher said, “'What's happening is worrying and many of us know it, but nobody wants to speak up and get shot.'”

This is concerning for staff, students and parents. Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith notes, “This cannot be a coincidence. Over 70 students are questioning their biological sex at the same school. It reeks of indoctrination and activism. This is a serious issue and many are afraid to address it openly and honestly.”