Moira Deeming wins preselection in Victoria

The Sydney Morning Herald has unashamedly put its bias on display, calling a women and children’s rights campaigner “controversial”.

Moira Deeming has been endorsed for a state Liberal seat for the upcoming November election in Victoria.

Controversial councillor Moira Deeming has been chosen by Liberal Party members to replace outspoken MP Bernie Finn in the contest for the upper house Western Metropolitan Region seat in the state election.

Deeming, a City of Melton councillor since 2020 who has previously pushed for separate bathrooms for transgender people, was endorsed at a Liberal convention on Saturday night.

The teacher and mother of four was elected to the council on a platform that included: “I will never support rates being used to promote radical policies like banning Australia Day, drag queen storytimes for toddlers, or letting biological males who identify as female use female toilets and change rooms.”

The paper attempted to paint Deeming as an extremist, despite many Australians agreeing with her perfectly reasonable views on keeping women and children safe.

She said she cared about the safety and comfort of transgender people but believed that would best be achieved by creating dedicated spaces for them. “All I am seeking is a civil compromise.”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith wished Moira well.

“It is so encouraging to hear that the Liberals have recognised the value of such a strong and brave champion for civility and common sense,” she said.

“Moira Deeming is intelligent, reasonable and uncompromising. Victoria would benefit greatly from her election if successful.

“Voters can be confident she will fight for fair, safe and reasonable policies to ensure the protection and promotion of women and families, while ensuring fringe groups are treated with dignity and fairness.”