Misdiagnosed as transgender

British woman, Debbie Karemer, says that her seventeen-year attempt to live as a male was a huge mistake. She believes she was incorrectly diagnosed and rushed into transition. The results were devasting for her as she was injected with hormones, had her breasts removed, and fake genitals surgically fashioned. She is now also bald and has a beard.

“I'm a woman,” she said. “I'm not meant to be a bloke. I'm trapped. I feel completely mutilated. It's a complete mess ― where do you even start? I just regret the decision.”

Three short months after visiting a doctor she “began her testosterone injections, she had her breasts surgically removed and legally changed her name to Lee Harries.  She paid for the double mastectomy herself (£3,500), but all subsequent mutilations were paid for by the tax-payer funded National Health Service, even though they were done in private clinics.”

Karemer said her male-looking body didn’t bring the happiness she hoped for.

“I was traumatized by what had happened in my life, and it was misdiagnosed as being transgender,” she continued.

“Looking back now, I realize that it was simply a feeling that if I didn't have a vagina, I couldn't be raped.”

It is not known how many de-transitioners there are as many feel bullied into silence or too embarrassed to speak out due to their ‘mistake’ in thinking transitioning would alleviate their feelings of dysphoria.

Sex-change surgeon Christopher Inglesfield, believes “detransitioning” stories endanger the transgender cause.

“Any reversal of that transition starts to make society question the whole transition process in the first place,” Inglesfield said.

“[Society says] ‘Well, if these individuals are going to be detransitioning in ten years’ time, why are we funding, why are we supporting, why are we acknowledging this transitioning thing in the first place?’,” he continued.

“The trans community is very, very nervous about detransitioning becoming a big story.”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said these stories must be heard.

“These stories are so tragic. Often these people have underlying trauma or psychological issues that are ignored in favour of radical transitioning treatments. There are a lot of stories of regret that must be heard by anyone considering drastic medical and surgical interventions. Stories such as this emphasise the irreversible and harmful effects transitioning can have on an individual. We should never subject children to such potentially harmful treatments.”