Minus 18 campaign declares the child is King!

Minus 18, a website promoting radical gender ideology, has a new campaign to ‘support parents’ of LGBT kids. The website is partially tax-payer funded.

The new campaign contains a mixture of written and video content.

It is bright, colourful and full of softly spoken euphemisms and testimonies.

The message is the child is King!

“The greatest piece of advice I would give is let your child lead the way, regardless of age. By doing this, everything somehow falls into place and confidence grows. Challenges are plentiful but one's strength builds immeasurably when going with the flow and not against.” – Samantha

Another mother says in one of the videos, “I have a theory: kids bring up their parents.”

The campaign is entirely child centric.

Questioning the motivation of a child is completely ignored and any objection to their declaration is frowned upon. Exploring underlying issues is not an option. Counselling isn’t even mentioned.

This campaign promotes total acceptance without compassion or care for reasons that children may be making certain declarations about their identity or sexuality.

The reality that kids are kids is missing entirely.

“Children need guidance and boundaries. This campaign advocates for none of that. This campaign is all rainbows and unicorns despite the reality children have restrictions and safeguards in almost every other sphere of life,” said Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman.

“Let kids be kids. Let them explore, question, experiment and enjoy their childhood without sexualising them or placing adult expectations on them.”