Minister for Corrections dismisses women’s concerns

The Victorian Minister for Corrections, Harriet Shing, has dismissed concerns that violent male criminals are being housed in female prisons because they “identify” as women.

The minister has ignored the distress caused to women, claiming to be more interested in the alleged “distress and fatigue” for transgender people.

Shing passed the buck and refused to defend women’s sex-based rights in favour of males who appropriate womanhood.

Several assaults have already been recorded where males who appropriate womanhood are incarcerated with females.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the minister’s attitude was atrocious.

“Women in prison should never have to be subjected to violent male criminals sharing their space,” she said.

“Self-identification harms women.

“Male criminals can still have penises and be placed with females simply because they say they feel like a woman. It is absurd and dangerous.

“The Minister for Corrections has displayed great contempt for women and their sex-based rights.”