Men will have more rights than women in UK hospitals

Female hospital patients in the UK who complain about having a biological male in the next bed 'risk being kicked off wards under new NHS transgender guidelines.'

The guidelines equate transphobia with racism or homophobia. They also state the trans person will have more rights to stay on ward than the biological woman making the complaint.

Alarmingly, the guidelines indicate “trans-women who were born male will be afforded the right to stay on women-only wards regardless of whether or not they have had sex reassignment surgery.”

A spokesman for the health board said: 'When a patient with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment uses our services, we will challenge anyone who has a 'them and us' position in our facilities.

'We ask that all patients, staff and visitors adopt an understanding that we are all part of the same diverse gender spectrum.'

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the policy is outrageous.

“Hospital patients already feel vulnerable having to be admitted for their health issues. To compound this by forcing women to accept biological males in a bed next to them is beyond reasonable.”

“These guidelines make a mockery of biological sex. The term women-only is rendered meaningless if men are granted access to such spaces.”