Melbourne City Council is utterly tone deaf

Gender extremists prove utterly tone deaf when it comes to what the community really needs in the midst of devastating lockdowns that have crippled businesses and ratepayers in Victoria.

A highly paid politically correct boffin is wanted by Melbourne City Council to make it more diverse — at the same time as businesses across the city buckle under the pressure of lockdown.

The council’s move to employ a “diversity and inclusion” senior adviser on a $107,000 one-year contract has been derided as “unforgivable” by a pro-business think tank.

The advertisement for the job called for someone who had “extensive understanding” of “gender equality, gender equity and intersectionality”.

The move was criticised by Institute of Public Affairs director Bella d’Abrera as “pursuing identity politics while small businesses are on their knees”.

“The ideologically-driven council clearly believes that diversity is more important than insolvency, and inclusion is more important than unemployment,” Dr d’Abrera said.

Chief executive of the council, Justin Hanney, defended the position insisting it was about compliance under the Gender Equality Act.

“We are therefore taking a leading role in promoting a safe and inclusive environment for our staff, and for all Melburnians, through our policies, programs and services,” Mr Hanney said.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the council’s attitude is a slap in the face to business owners.

“The people of Melbourne have been devastated by the harshest lockdown measures in the world and this council wants to employ an expensive activist to spray rainbow ideology all over the city?” she said.

“It is insulting and offensive. Businesses need economic support and initiatives to help rebuild.”

“Indulging a political ideology that insists women can have a penis and men can get pregnant is 100 per cent tone deaf.”