Matt Walsh releases a children’s book

New children’s book, Johnny the Walrus, has shot to the number one position on Amazon’s Movers & Shakers List. Written by Daily Wire host, Matt Walsh, it is a “timely tale of innocence, identity, and imagination”.

The book will teach children that there is a difference between reality and make-believe, and parents will learn that a child’s imaginative whims should not be turned into a full blown identity crisis, noted Walsh.

“There are dozens of children’s books brainwashing kids into the gender identity cult where they are taught that identity is malleable and biology is meaningless,” the author said. “This book is meant to be an antidote to that madness.”

Walsh has been a leading conservative voice in exposing the politically charged trans agenda over recent years. This new book is aimed at equipping children and their parents in light of the aggressive trans agenda.

“It’s all about a child,” the author said. “He’s very imaginative and pretends to be different things … And one day, he pretends to be a walrus.”

“Unfortunately, [Johnny’s] mother is very progressive,” the author explains. She gets convinced by the internet “to raise her child as a walrus — as a sort of trans-walrus, respecting his ‘self-identity.’”

The mother in the story “starts to learn … just because your child is pretending to be something, doesn’t mean he actually is that.”

The book’s description reads as follows: “Johnny is a little boy with a big imagination. One day he pretends to be a big scary dinosaur, the next day he’s a knight in shining armor or a playful puppy. But when the internet people find out Johnny likes to make-believe, he’s forced to make a decision between the little boy he is and the things he pretends to be — and he’s not allowed to change his mind.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it was a great way to tackle this political ideology.

“Using humour, common sense and scientific reality, Walsh has created a tool for parents and children to counter the trans narrative,” she said.

“It is essential that adults encourage children to be imaginative and play, while also embracing reality and developing healthy attitudes toward their own identity.”