Male threatens Australian women’s shelter with legal action

Men who identify as women are testing the boundaries in Australia.

The Australian has reported:"a biological male who identifies as female threatened a discrimination action after being subjected to a second interview for admission to a Christian women’s residential rehabilitation program.”

Offered a place in their day treatment program, he rejected it.

The chief executive of the women’s centre said: 

Women have come to us because they don’t want co-ed (living arrangements) because they have had so much abuse in their life, usually from a male.

This is their safe place … If you were to bring someone who is transgender into the facility, they are sharing bedrooms and bathrooms with these women. That for me was the huge factor.

We were going to engage with this person to ask more questions, but before we could get to that point the person became extremely aggressive and immediately said they were going to bring in their lawyer and accused us of being discriminatory.

Attorney-General Christian Porter says the women’s shelter is open to claims made under the Sex Discrimination Act.

"where a person has been denied access to services because of their gender identity.… [they] would have a claim under the Sex Discrimination Act, which would be dealt with under the existing law.”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said this should concern everyone.

“It is alarming that this man even has a case to present at all. Men must not be allowed to encroach on services reserved for vulnerable women. Biology must transcend ideology. The safety and well being of women must be preserved. There are more appropriate services available for transgender people.”