Male player wins female cricketer of the year

Another bloke identifying as a woman is making waves in a female sporting competition. A UK cricketer with an enormous advantage is playing as a woman and was just awarded the 2019 Kent Women Player of the Year.

“Maxine Blythin, Kent’s first transgender player, is more than 1.83m tall and has been scoring at an average of 124 this season. She identifies as a woman and has scored four centuries already.” 

Blythin is permitted to compete as a woman and according to the England and Wales Cricket Board he doesn’t even need to have lowered testosterone. That is only necessary if he is selected to play at elite levels.

It is not surprising that a male playing as a female is going to have incredibly high statistics. He is very tall and has all the biological advantages of speed and strength that women simply do not possess. The club said he “had produced 340 runs and a best of 51 not out in 13 games across all formats, with 165 of those coming in Division 1 and 175 in T20 matches.”

Fair Play for Women, along with many fans, have been outraged by the policy to allow players to self identify.

“We called them out, lots of women complained and now they are ‘reviewing’ their policy,” a spokeswoman for the group said.

“Letting males who self-ID as women play in women’s competitions is demonstrably unfair.

“The ECB knows males have a performance advantage over females. This is (why) it lets women use lighter & smaller cricket balls & why boundaries are set closer.” 

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, agreed.

“This is grossly unfair to women. Females cannot compete at the same level as males. Their physical capacity is biologically limited in comparison. The decision to permit self-identifying transgender players compete, and then award them for their advantages is insulting to women everywhere.”

“This is a sure-fire way to remove incentives for girls to participate in sport as the competition could end up with teams full of she-males.”