Libraries caught in the cross fire

The free speech battle ground is now encroaching into libraries.


Tax-payer spaces, funded by local citizens, set up as places to inform and educate are now under threat from radical activists.

Extremists who can’t stand the thought of being challenged. Who want to silence opposition. Who resort to insults, harassment and threats because their logic just doesn’t cut it. Reason, science, and biological reality is not on their side.

Increasingly, libraries that are being booked for events to explore, discuss or debate the scientific reality of biological sex are being targeted by extreme radical activists.

Many of them are men who claim to be women!

Late last year feminist, Megan Murphy, encountered a very hostile crowd outside the Toronto library for daring to host an event to discuss the biological rights of women.

Radical activists, including men dressed as women shouted, protested and hurled vile insults at Megan and the attendees for daring to discuss the rights of women in this bold new age of gender fluidity.

Now the Seattle public library is facing a similar threat.

A radical feminist group have booked the space to discuss women’s rights.

Predictably, radical gender activists are now trying to intimidate the library into cancelling the booking.

Make no mistake, this is violation of free speech, freedom of thought and freedom of association.

I am so over these extremists who can’t reason, who can’t debate, who can’t engage in a civil manner when it comes to discussions about sex and gender.

Biology is not fluid. Facts are not fluid.

Lets hope this library, and others around the world, refuse to bow down on the radical gender altar. Let’s hope they don’t give in to threats, intimidation and bullying.

It is time they, and the radical activists man up and engage in a mature, respectful way instead of acting like spoilt children.