LGBT studies in US classrooms

LGBT lessons are set to begin in the US as an extension of history classes.

Starting next spring, two high schools in Montgomery County, Maryland will be offering an LGBT studies pilot course making it the first school district in the nation to offer such a course.

On May 12, the Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously approved the new course which will focus on “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender history and culture.”

After the initial kickoff in two schools next spring, the course is expected to expand to eight more schools the following school year.

WTOP reports that the curriculum for the first semester-long “LGBTQ+ studies” course “will .explore history and culture.” Juniors and seniors who have previously completed American History will be able to enrol in the course.

Gender activists are celebrating the move. Some are saying it ‘will open a lot of minds’ and that they are grateful that students will be learning about the “diverse and beautiful history that #LGBTQ individuals have been a part of.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, warned this could open the floodgates.

“Gender activism in schools is increasing. They are relentless in the pursuit of our children. Scientific fact has been replaced with feeling-based lessons. Will history classes now be re-written to accommodate radical gender ideology?”