LGBT magazine takes aim at Anti-PC P&C Pack

LGBT magazine OutinPerth has taken exception to Binary’s Anti-PC P&C Pack.

“Binary encourages parents to spy on teachers and ban books,” the headline reads.

Described as “a resource for parents who are opposed to suggestion that gender is fluid,” the info pack reportedly “encourages parents to spy on teacher’s social media profiles and campaign against books featuring transgender youth.”

The article implies it’s a bad thing for parents to be informed about what their children are being exposed to.

Listing the books Binary recommended for removal or restriction in libraries, their explicit and inappropriate content goes unmentioned.

Binary’s recommended reading for concerned parents is referred to as “a range of books arguing against recognising transgender people.”

And the article takes aim at Binary’s latest campaign “to encourage every state government to bring in new legislation that would allow parents to decide which classes their children can and cannot attend in the school curriculum.”

“This is not an accurate reflection of the pack or the campaign,” said Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith.

“The resource focuses on the harmful ideology in some schools enabling young people making uninformed decisions and what concerned parents can do about it.”

“Transgender regret is real but activists want to silence opposition.  What is there to fear about parents being fully informed?  The pack is an excellent tool for parents who want to be equipped in light of the aggressive gender agenda.”

“Binary’s campaign is to see parental rights galvanised in Australian law so activists in government and the education system can’t keep disregarding us and teaching our kids untruths about sex and gender.”