Legal action threatened against Sun State Roller Derby

The world of roller derby is in a spin, particularly in Queensland.

Caroline Buckingham, aka Patch 790, has written a scathing post about biological males encroaching on her beloved sport, and the vile abuse she copped for daring to speak out about it.

Buckingham wrote an open letter to the association in February putting them on notice, stating:

“I am currently undertaking legal proceedings against Sun State Roller Derby based in Brisbane, a women's roller derby sports league, part of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.”

“Back in January I made comment on an article on Ladbible regards a transgender person suing the NFL for the right to play in the women's league.  I said 'biologic males should not be allowed in women's sports'  I was then berated and threatened by a fellow former Roller Derby player, who then sent my comments out of context to my current Roller Derby team Sun State as a grievance against discrimination towards the transgender community. Within 4 days of this complaint I was emailed and excluded from the team as I didn't represent their views.

“They gave me 10 days in which to reply, to which I replied 'I stand by my comments and no longer wanted to be part of a team that treats its members this way'.

“Sun State Roller Derby posted a comment on their official page that a member of their league had been excluded due to some comments around discrimination of the transgender community, to which it was met with merriment and praise.  I decided I needed to clarify what had happened and commented "A fellow female who knows the unfairness and safety around biological men in women's sports, should be silenced and punished. Where did all the feminists go?"

“I was then met with a tirade of abuse.  Calling me transphobic, horrible TERF, ‘Biological men’ is the most offensive thing you can say to a trans identified man (I can’t bring myself to call them woman), also my words cause suicides and self-harm, and my view promotes murder amongst other things.”

Admins of the 9,000 strong Sun State Roller Derby page have since removed the post. This comes after they deleted positive comments for Ms Buckingham by her husband and other supporters but allowed vicious and libel comments to remain.

Sun State Roller Derby have become aware of the legal action undertaken by the female skater and have written an apology saying they “regret any distress or embarrassment caused to Mrs Buckingham, and the post has been deleted”.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said female athletes are being intimidated and discriminated against in many sports when they stand up for women’s sex-based rights.

“Caroline Buckingham has every right, and reason, to comment on the unfair advantage, and the dangerous nature of biological males participating as females in her sporting code. For a male to claim he is a woman because of stereotypical feelings or appearances is not enough to negate his physical advantages due to biological reality.

“Ms Buckingham must be supported and encouraged in her quest for fairness. The example should inspire other female athletes in sports such as soccer, AFL, athletics and climbing to speak out as well. Bullying and harassment is unacceptable, especially when all she did is speak the truth backed by science.”