Law student investigated for stating biological reality

A Scottish law student is undergoing disciplinary action 'for pointing out that women are born with reproductive organs'.

Lisa Keogh, 29, was reported to chiefs at University of Abertay by her classmates following a seminar in which she 'women have vaginas' and are 'not as strong as men'.

During a seminar on gender, feminism, Ms Keogh said women are born with female genitals and transwomen should not be able to compete against women in mixed martial arts because of their superior strength.

Following the debate, in which Ms Keogh claims she was muted by her lecturer, the mature student said she was met with a flurry of abuse from her classmates.

Keogh could now face reprimand or expulsion.

'My comments in class weren't intended to offend or discriminate against anyone – I was just expressing what I thought of as a mainstream point of view and ultimately my opinion.

'Abertay says it believes in free speech and defends the right of students to express their views on a range of controversial issues without being penalised. Why, then, have I been put through this ordeal simply for stating my opinion?

'Pointing out that women are born with reproductive organs is now something you cannot say because it's thought to be discriminatory against men who identify as women.'

Keogh said the case has dragged on for more than a month and she is worried that she will not be awarded her degree. She also said it sends a ‘chilling message’ to other women who speak out about the issue.

'If you think transwomen shouldn't be allowed to compete against biological women because of their superior physical strength, or that transwomen shouldn't be able to share women's safe areas, you better keep your opinion to yourself. Saying that in class – even a class on gender, feminism and the law – may land you in hot water.'

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the threat of cancellation is a form of bullying.

“Stating biological facts is not hate speech. Defending women’s sex-based rights is not transphobia. Speaking the truth about biological reality should not be contested. The onus should be on activists to prove that a person can change their sex – it is impossible. It has never been done. There is only appropriation or impersonation, so they resort to bullying instead.”